Our Mission: Recruit Talent Faster

Hirbox is disrupting the $120 billion recruiting and staffing industry by combining an AI and Video hiring platform with the world's largest network of over 27,500 small and independent recruiters. Businesses of all sizes recruit talent faster using the Hirbox platform, which is powered by virtual teams of Recruiters On Demand and Video and AI job-matching technology.

About Us:

Hirbox is a curated Marketplace of Recruiters that enables Employers to acquire Quality talent, faster. The platform allows Employers and specialist Recruitment firms to seamlessly discover and engage with each other to acquire quality talent. Hirbox is free to join and has several integrated tools such as Intelligent matching, Resume Parsing, Applicant Tracking system (ATS), Interview scheduler, Vendor Management System (VMS), Candidate Ratings and communication modules, etc. to boost recruitment efficiency. The platform uses Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning to calibrate better matching suppliers and candidates to help employers #hire3Xfaster. Hirbox Marketplace helps organizations of all sizes to efficiently consolidate their permanent hiring and engage with multiple suppliers over a single platform. It also encourages entrepreneurship in Talent Acquisition by empowering Recruitment firms, Executive search consultants, independent recruiters and Gig recruiters to effortlessly work on job mandates and expand their business by focusing on their core strengths. An ideal platform for Niche hiring, head hunting, turnkey mandates, Diversity hiring and works across all sectors.